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Create New Habits This Year

Create New Habits This Year

Everyone alive today has a chance to live to one hundred.  It’s up to you if you’re going to make it that long.  What will make the difference is creating new habits.  Some people hold off exercising until the weekend, some wait until they’re on vacation, while some don’t do it until there’s a wake-up call like seeing a picture…

Why I Started a Blog

Throughout life, I’ve always tried to keep a healthy lifestyle. I never obsessed about it but I always tried to keep some simple guidelines. I never thought what I did was much different than everyone else tired to do. It wasn’t until my wife started pointing out all my different practices.

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Read the adventure of how Fredric Brewer travels to Janeau, AK and experiences the uniques of the region while taking care of his very charismatic uncle.


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